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Ochoco Gravel Adventure

September 19 - 21, 2014


The 2014 Ochoco Gravel Adventure is intended to be just that: an adventure. We are searching for adventure seekers who are interested in an unusual and exciting activity. Bring your enthusiasm for exploring minimally traveled roads where the surface may differ from various shades of asphalt to hard-packed gravel.

While we are riding through the beautiful Ochoco Mountains east of Prineville, you'll experience the grandeur of the Ponderosa pine forest, vast open space of the Big Summit Prairie, gurgling sounds escaping from Deep Creek, and perhaps a glimpse of wildlife in their native habitat.

Total Distance: 192 - 202 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 10,696 - 11,460'
Average Temperature in September (Prineville, elev. 2,868 ft): Low - 40° and High - 78°
Record Temperatures in September (Prineville): Low - 14° and High - 107°

Camping on the ride:

In cooperation with the Ochoco National Forest and its concessionaire, we have secured the Ochoco Forest Camp to set up our base camp, known as Camp Central.

The Ochoco Forest Camp is nestled in the Ochoco Mountain range near the 6,926-foot Lookout Mountain, which is known for its unusual rock formations. The campsite comes equipped with a horseshoe pit.

Much of the area is dominated by old-growth Ponderosa pine. Wildlife include Rocky Mountain elk and mule deer, as well as several bird species that include white-headed woodpecker, belted kingfisher, spotted sandpiper, cinnamon teal, American coot, Steller's jay, yellow-headed blackbird and Brewer's blackbird.

Activities after riding:

Hiking: The shelter is close to the Lookout Mountain Trail, which climbs to the top of the mountain and offers terrific views of the Cascades and meadow wildflowers in the spring. This trail is open to hikers and mountain bikers.

Fishing: Anglers can go fly fishing for trout in adjacent Ochoco Creek.

Basic route info:

Day Description Distance
Gain (ft)
1 Prineville to Ochoco Forest Camp 57 4,452 50%
2 Big Summit Prairie Loop (long) 71 3,797 60%
2 Big Summit Prairie Loop (short) 61 3,033 45%
3 Ochoco Forest Camp to Prineville 74 3,211 35%
  TOTAL 192 - 202 10,696 - 11,460  



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