About Bicycle Rides Northwest

Formerly known as Oregon Bicycle Ride, Inc., BRNW was established in 1987 when Sandy Green and friends fulfilled their vision to take adventure seeking bicyclists who liked to tour on a great ride through a beautiful state. The first Oregon Bicycle Ride took 68 riders from Hells Canyon, Idaho to the Oregon Coast in 7 days.

From the days of carrying a wringer-washer and an electric stove around in the back of a pickup truck, BRNW has matured its support services to include friendly SAG vans, extensive rest stops, clean toilets, hot showers accompanied by fresh towels, and terrific meals.

From the very first year BRNW (or OBR) has stood out as one of the best fully supported bicycle tours in North America. Thirty one years later and we have continued to get better and better.

Come see for yourself. We hope you will join us for one of our rides soon.


BRNW is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors comprised of dedicated and experienced cycling enthusiasts who enjoy sharing an energetic ride along an outstanding route.


To provide fully-supported scenic bicycling adventures to discover the beauty of the Northwest and the heart and soul of its communities.

Group Size

It is the Board’s preference to keep our group size limited to no more than 300 riders – small enough so that we can enjoy meeting new people and building friendships without getting lost in a crowd.


Based on the feedback received from our riders, we make every effort to obtain suitable campsites that offer a place to relax, refuel, and prepare for local sightseeing. We seek lush, grassy, quiet and shaded camping areas when possible. Our Board of Directors and outstanding crew make every effort to keep our riders comfortable.