Why Ride with Bicycle Rides Northwest?

There are many ways to do a week-long bike tour, but riding with Bicycle Rides Northwest means:

  • We include more support and services for the best value. You don’t have to pay for camping, fresh daily shower towels, coffee or beer on our rides.
  • Our attention to detail keeps you smiling. We have nearly 31 years of experience under our belt and we know the little tricks of the trade to help you have the most enjoyable time on our rides. We include details such as giving you a tiny packable bag for your on-route clothing changes, sunscreen supplied at all the rest stops, and other small details that make a big difference.
  • You are not lost in the crowd. We limit our tours to 300 or fewer guests, leaving you with total support and attention. You will also not wait in line for more than a few minutes for food, showers, bathrooms or anything else.
  • You experience the quirky and lovable Northwest on our rural routes. Our routes take you through the incredibly varied and scenic Northwest region. From high deserts to coastal rainforests, pastoral farmland and forested hillsides, this area is some of the best cycle touring in the nation. We often ride through historic communities that are full of local flavor and charm — and ice cream. We love sampling local ice cream!
  • You get exceptional support that is there when you need it. Our SAG team and Camp Central crew are a group of caring and attentive folks who do what they can to keep you safe and happy on the road.
  • Our love for cycling shows. We started as a bunch of adventurous cyclists who wanted to travel Oregon by bike, and we still are a bunch of adventurous cyclists who want to travel the Northwest by bike!
  • Our guests are the best! Each year, our guests include seasoned veterans who have been riding with us from the beginning as well as brand-new riders. We truly believe that our riders make our tours fun and memorable. If you ride with us, there is a good chance that you’ll go home with a few more friends in your address book.