Bike Shipping

Don’t let the idea of shipping your bike discourage you from coming to ride with us. We partner with Sunnyside Sports in Bend, Oregon to help you get your two-wheeled fun machine to the ride start. You deserve a week-long adventure, and so does your bike!

Sunnyside Sports provides all of our mechanical support. They are the best in their field and are here to help you ship your bike to and/or from the ride.

How it works:

We have several options to best suit your bike shipping needs:

Simple Receiving. Your bike is assembled and ready to go (no assembly or labor): FREE of Charge
Simple Shipping. You box the bike, we ship it: $10 + freight
Incoming Assembly. You ship your bike to us and we will assemble it: $60
Outgoing Box and Ship. We will box and ship your bike back home at the end of the ride: $60 plus freight

Download our Bike Shipping Form here. Or give us a call at the shop at 541-382-8018 if you have any questions.


  • Arrange shipment of your bike so that it arrives at Sunnyside Sports no later than FOUR days before the ride begins. We need adequate time to assemble your bike.
  • Label your bike – name, phone number and email.
  • Label anything that you are shipping along with your bike (helmet, shoes, pump, etc.).

Bicycling Magazine has some great tips on getting your bike packed up snug and tight for its adventure.