Bicycle Jerseys for Bicycle Rides Northwest

This year’s imaginative, ride-specific cycling jerseys have been designed by our resident artist and Director of Fun, Alice Bonham (, and manufactured by Primal. These jerseys are cut to fit cyclists of all ages and sizes.


Primal Sport Cut Jerseys are crafted with elite fabrics and advanced fit technology to provide the most comfortable riding experience. Utilizing industry-leading SpeedPro fabric, these jerseys are designed to wick moisture from the surface of the skin and push it to the face of the jersey to evaporate. This push-pull moisture management system allows the body to maintain a consistent, comfortable body temperature.

Sizing: To select the proper size for your jersey, please be sure to measure one of your favorite jerseys and compare it with the size charts showing in the Primal Fit Guide. We will NOT have extras available on the rides for swapping sizes.

2017 OBR Jersey

OBR Short-Sleeve Jersey

2017 IBR Jersey

IBR Short-Sleeve Jersey

To Order:

The secure online store allows you to login and place an order for the jersey you would like to receive, and to pay for your order individually with a personal credit card.

If you are a new customer to Primal Custom Pro, to login and place an order click on this link to create an account: Create an account at Primal Custom Pro. This link will ask you to set up an account with Primal including your name, phone number, and email BEFORE taking you to our secure online store on their website.

If you already have an account with Primal Custom Pro, no need to create another. Click on this link to login: Log into Primal Custom Pro. You will need your Username and Password to login to your account with Primal.


Jerseys – sleeved: $70

Shipping Options:

Free shipping: With free shipping, you’ll pick up your jersey at the event.

Bulk Ship – This is a free shipping option for you. Your order will be boxed up with a group of orders and sent directly to Bicycle Rides Northwest. Your order will be available for pick-up during Check-In at the OBR or IBR start locations.

Shipping directly to you: You can pay for shipping and receive your jersey at home, sooner.

Drop Ship – You will pay a shipping charge of $10 per order and Primal will ship your order to any address within the United States. Please note, Primal does not ship to PO Boxes, you must have a physical address.

Order deadline for delivery of clothing at the event:

All orders must be placed BEFORE May 4, 2017 at at 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

Pick-up at the event (if you used the Free Shipping option):

Your order will be available for pick-up during Check-In at the OBR or IBR start locations.


  • If we don’t meet Primal’s minimum order for a particular item you ordered, you’ll be refunded for the amount paid. (Here’s a better plan: Make sure all your friends on the ride order jerseys, too!)
  • We will NOT have extras available at the events for swapping sizes. Be sure to check Primal’s sizing by reviewing their Fit Guide.

Don’t delay because you don’t want to miss the deadline.

Additional questions? Please e-mail us at