On Course

Our Routes

We take pride in finding beautiful routes that include quiet backcountry roads, great scenery and interesting historical, geologic or ecological stops along the way. Our routes often wind through National Forests, National Monuments, Scenic Byways & Bikeways, along rivers and creeks and through expansive farmlands.

Each day, we provide route descriptions, maps, and clear markers along the way so our riders know what to expect. We keep an eye out for country stores and cafes that you might be interested in — a mid-ride ice cream stop can be a sweet stop on a warm day! And if there are any oddities such as cattle guards or tight turns, we’ll let you know ahead of time.

We are not a bike touring company that sends you on your way each day to fend for yourself, so our on-course support is the stuff of legends. We want you to have the best day possible every day and we take extra care to do this.

SAGs (Support and Gear Vehicles)

Our SAG vehicles roam the course each day to provide on route support to our riders. They are easily identified by orange flags and are driven by caring people who will help you out.

All SAG vehicles carry water, tools, tubes, a floor model tire pump and a complete first aid kit. If you have a mechanical problem that needs one of our mechanics, they will take you to the next stop where there is a mechanic on hand.

Our SAGs are there to give you a lift if needed. If catching a ride to the top (or bottom) of the next hill means that you will finish the day with a smile, then we encourage you to catch a short ride on a SAG vehicle.

If you are lagging too far behind the rest of the group, we will ask you to take a ride in a SAG to catch up. This helps us give all riders the best possible and safest support.

Rest Stops

This is how we roll at our rest stops

If our overall support is the stuff of legends, then our on-course rest stops are the stuff of gods. Imagine tables full of delectable snacks, savories and sweets, shady sitting areas and the friendliest crew. We truly have the best on-course rest stops! Have you ever had bananas stuffed with Nutella? Come ride with us and find out how good they are!

We set up our rest stops approximately every 20-25 miles along the route, giving you the fuel and hydration when you need it. Each rest stop has:

  • An abundance of food. Fruits, vegetables, chips, dips, nuts, nut butters, spreads, crackers, chocolate, candies, and everything in between. Our rest stop crew folks are gourmets-on-the-fly and they prepare this awesome food, including gluten free options. We even provide baggies for you to fill for the next segment of the ride if you want a mid-ride snack.
  • Hot and cold beverages. Water and electrolyte refills.
  • Impeccably clean toilets and sinks.
  • Roving mechanics to help you with any bike issues.
  • Roving SAGs to drop off or pick up people if needed.
  • Gear drop for extra clothing or items. We provide tiny packable bags that fit in a jersey pocket to each rider. When the temperatures warm up, riders can put extra clothing in the bag, and then drop the bag at a Rest Stop. The Rest Stop crew will then bring the bags to Camp Central for pick up in the late afternoon each day.

Water Stops

Sometimes the terrain or temperatures call for additional water stops along the way. These stops will have the bare minimum — water for filling your bottles — to get you to the next Rest Stop or Camp Central.


Our number one priority is your safety. In order for us to conduct these great rides all riders must adhere to our safety policies here.