Mechanical Support

We are proud to work with staff from Sunnyside Sports, Central Oregon’s premier bike shop. Sunnyside Sports has been supporting the Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, and Washington bicycle rides organized by Bicycle Rides Northwest from the beginning.

Our mechanics are a big part of making sure you and your bicycle enjoy your trip! Their goal is to do any repair that you may need – from airing up your tires to building a new wheel. There is no charge for this service, just for the parts. They also have a traveling shop, stocked with many items such as bike parts, clothing and accessories that are available for purchase. Forgot your gloves? They’ll likely have a pair for you to buy.

In Camp Central, the mechanics will be open for business every day starting at 4:00 pm. On the course, you’ll find a mechanic on duty at every rest stop, coming to your rescue to fix a pesky chain, flat tire or creaky bottom bracket.

If you have a breakdown somewhere mid-route, one of our SAG vehicles will pick you up and get you to the nearest stop where there is a mechanic on hand.

Our mechanics are superstars and can help out with many things, but it is also important to prepare yourself and your bike for the ride. Learn about preparing your gear for the ride here.