Register for the Idaho Bicycle Ride

We are accepting all registrations for the Idaho Bicycle Ride through our online service, When you register, you will NOT be charged additional fees by this company for processing your registration electronically and paying by credit card. Please note that we do not accept mail-in, hand delivered or overnight deliveries of registrations.

The 2017 Idaho Bicycle Ride is sold out.

We’re putting people on our Wait List (updated 7/7/2017). If you’re interested in being on the Wait List, go ahead and complete the normal registration process. You’ll be asked to provide your credit card information, but we WILL NOT charge anything to your card unless you eventually get a spot on the ride. People are added to the Wait List in the order their registrations come in. Typically, 10 to 15 percent of the riders who sign up have to cancel for some reason. Find out more about our Wait List procedure here.

To Register and Pay by Credit Card

Click on the SignMeUp image below:

Sign up before March 1st and take advantage of the early-bird discount.

How Much Does The Ride Cost?

Early Bird Discount Standard Ride Fee
IBR Individual: $1,050 Beginning March 1, 2017: $1,080
IBR Family (3 or more): $1,010 each Beginning March 1, 2017: $1,040 each
Both IBR & OBR Rides Individual: $1,995 Beginning March 1, 2017: $2,025
Both Rides Family (3 or more): $1,955 each Beginning March 1, 2017: $1,985 each
Non-Rider: $650    
Chair Service (details): $25
Tent & Porter Service (details): $400 Beginning March 1, 2017: $425

Cancellation Policy

Click here to review our Cancellation Policy.

Travel Insurance

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What Is Travel Insurance?

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Travel insurance is designed to cover those who elect coverage with financial safeguards in the case of events ranging from inconveniences to calamities. Coverage may include both costs incurred before your trip, such as nonrefundable event tickets or hotel stays, and during your trip, including travel interruptions and medical expenses.

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